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  • Ocassion E-Piano 5100

  • Vollwertiges 88-Tasten-Piano mit gewichteter Mechanik
  • Stereolautsprecher und Kopfhörerausgang für stilles Üben
  • Mit Stereo-Cinch-Ausgängen und MIDI über USB
  • Experimentieren Sie mit acht hochwertigen Stimmen

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  • Ocassion electric piano 5100

    Full-fledged 88-key piano with weighted mechanics Stereo speakers and headphone output for quiet practice With stereo RCA outputs and MIDI via USB Experiment with eight high quality voices

Learning the piano has never been so easy! The Gear4music SDP-2 stage piano has everything you need to progress as a musician. From the touch-sensitive keys to the weighted mechanics, with the SDP-2 digital piano, you can make music in no time at all! Master techniques that will last a lifetime. Just like an acoustic piano, the SDP-2 has 88 keys. So now you can play your favorite songs at home on headphones or serenade your friends and family over the built-in speakers. Do you like variety in making music? With the SDP-2 you can choose between eight high-quality sounds at the touch of a button. So if you are looking for the stately sound of a harpsichord or the relaxing sounds of a vibraphone, the SDP-2 makes it possible.


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