The cello can be started at the age of 5 as well as at 40 – 50 – 60 – 70 or 80 years. It has a warm sound that approximates the human voice. The cello [pronunciation: ˌviolɔn’tʃɛlo], plural: cellos; Abbr .: Vc; (Italian: small violone); Short form: cello, plural: cellos, called, is a string instrument made of different types of wood from the viola da braccio family. The German name used to be bass violin or small bass violin. [1] The cello is bowed by the cellist with a bow. In contrast to the violin and viola, the instrument is held upright between the legs (with the neck up) and today mostly stands on the floor with an extendable spike made of metal, wood, or, more recently, carbon fiber. This instrument was created in northern Italy after 1535 [2] and was held with the legs like the violin until about 1850. This is still done today at concerts in historical performance practice.