From jazz to musicals and chansons to rock and pop, soul and R&B, also classical singing. Of course, individual requests are met with open ears. About once a year we organize a music-making lesson for our students, where they perform pieces they have worked out in front of an audience. Singing (also: singing) is the musical use of the human voice. It differs from speaking through the use of precisely defined pitches in the context of a scale or series and through a more or less precisely defined rhythmic structure. Singing is extremely important for music because it enables words to be integrated into a musical line. Singing is performed by singers who use the organs involved in phonation (diaphragm, lungs, vocal folds, vocal tract) to produce sound. Sufficient voice training and skillful use of the vocal registers play a major role in professional singers. Singing is probably the oldest and most original musical expression of human beings. Your instrument is the human body itself. This allows the soul and emotions to be expressed directly. Singing, therefore, has a special meaning for the religious cult. A distinction is made between two basic forms: virtuoso art singing (bel canto) and song-like, folk singing.